Receiving the most attention of all, Canada has been ranked as the top country outside Europe and the second best country worldwide to live as an immigrant. Canada is ranked higher than other countries that have broadly similar 'expression of interest' economic immigration system, such as Australia and New Zealand. Canada PR - Canada permanent resident visa came in the limelight by the would be migrants and others.

Who Can Actually Be Canada Permanent Resident ?

There are range of immigration programs available to apply for the temporary or permanent residency visa in Canada such as:

  • PNP – Provincial Nominee Program – For Provincial Sponsorships

  • FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program – The Federal Trained Proficient Migrant Program

The candidates under PR for CANADA are evaluated on the basis of point measurement system and the factors that contribute in the point calculation are listed below:

The Federal Skilled Migration is the popular pathway from India to immigrate to Canada. It offers freedom to travel and work anywhere in Canada. This is undergoing a transformation now to make the program more efficient towards the Canadian economy. It’s going to encourage the younger people to participate in the labour pool of Canada for a longer period.

The language proficiency is kept on priority in the new system because it’s the most important factor for the immigrants and their family to adapt in Canadian society.

The evaluation of your academic credentials from a specified assessment agency is the most important step of the new system. The candidates with the neutral and positive verification advice can file for Canada Permanent Residence.

A new classification for the Federal Skilled Trade has been introduced which is planned to appreciate the needs of the provisional requirements of the labour pool of Canada. The candidates need to have a job offer of at least 1 year to qualify for this new scheme.

Dual Citizenship

Canada is inclined towards providing free medicals and education

Minimum and government regulations for a business start

Access to the markets of Mexico and the United States on the NAFTA agreement

Canada supports globalization hence welcomes every culture and language with open heart

Canada is a self-governing country. So every resident can play a key role in the economic and social life of Canada

Successful immigration including family members. The immigration number is never limited and multiple immigration is possible at a time

Eligibility for citizenship after 3 years stay in Canada. One of the most happening thing for people who want to pursue their lifestyle growth in Canada after studies is approval for citizenship after 3 years of residency

Unemployment insurance, social welfare allowance, pension plan , old age insurance, medical and education benefits and childcare benefits under welfare programs by the Canadian government for permanent residents

Immigration possibilities for Investors and skilled workers. Another outstanding opportunity for professional team is - higher chances for immigration for skilled workers and investors

More opportunities for software professionals in the Information Technology Sector. The number of career platforms for IT in Canada is comparatively more than any other country 

Applicants can include their spouse and children till 19 years of age in their visa application. They can sponsor their parents for Canada Permanent Residency or a Canada Super-Visa.

Difference Between Canada Permanent Resident and

Canada Citizen

Permanent Residency in Canada applies to those who are not Canadian citizens but have been granted the permission to live and work in Canada without any limit on their stay. A permanent resident is required to live in Canada for two years out of every five year period or risk loosing their status

Permanent Residence (PR) is the process of becoming a resident of Canada. Initially, many individuals come to Canada on a temporary status, either as a student or worker and subsequently apply for permanent residence. Some applicants are even able to apply for permanent residence from abroad

Permanent residence refers to an individual who has immigrated to Canada and who has been given permanent resident status in Canada. A permanent resident is not a citizen of Canada, but of another country

The main important point of becoming a permanent resident is that an individual needs to make an application and is required to demonstrate that they meet the criteria of becoming a permanent resident

On the other hand, many people obtain their permanent residence status by being sponsored by a relative, spouse, parent, including an adult child. This process can be done through the Family Class or Inland Spousal categories, and it requires the sponsor to prove the appropriate family relationship and the applicant is also required to meet all the requirements of that category

The economic immigration programs are for individual applicants and their accompanying family members but it requires that the principal applicant meets the requirement criteria of a specific program such as the Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Programs, Express Entry, Self Employed categories or a Provincial Nominee Program.

The permanent residence status helps to distinguish the difference between the different classifications within the country. This includes non-permanent residents such as students, and family members as well as those who are citizens of Canada by birth

As a permanent resident, an individual has the right to access most social benefits such as health care, protection under Canadian law, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. An individual is required to renew their PR card every five years

In addition to that, if a parent was not born in Canada, but became a neutralized citizen before the child’s birth, the citizenship will be granted to the child born outside Canada.

There are also cases where citizenship can be granted automatically. For example, adoptions involving a Canadian parent will provide citizenship to the child

A Canadian citizen is an individual who was born within the county’s borders or a person who has received citizenship through neutralization. For an individual to become a neutralized citizen permanent resident who meet the criteria must first make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to receive their certificate of citizenship

A person can be a citizen of Canada if they were born to Canadian parents outside the country, this, however, doesn’t apply to all cases. Individuals born outside of the country after April 17, 2009, can receive citizenship with one Canadian parent if they are the first generation born outside Canada. In April 2009 the Canadian Citizenship Act was amended to allow only the first generation of children born to Canadian citizens outside Canada to be given Canadian citizenship status

The Residency requirement for Canadian citizenship can be more complex. In simple terms, for citizenship eligibility, a permanent resident is required to physically reside in Canada for four years within a six-year period. However, the Canadian government will introduce a legislation that will make it easier for people to gain Canadian citizenship. The government has also proposed to reduce the residency requirement to three full years of physical presence in Canada within a five year period. It is expected that this legislation will be passed into law in the summer of 2017 or fall of 2018

Up to 2 Express Entry Profile submissions and ongoing support for Express Entry profiles

Free IELTS language training for all forms of tests and examination including interviews

Provincial Nominee Evaluation

Personalized list of Canadian employers

​​Submission for permanent residence

Post landing services inclusive of every basic need the company can look forward to

Accommodation help

18 months contract and 100% Job Assistance

Main Differences

The main differences are that permanent residents cannot:

  • Run for federal office

  • Vote in federal elections

  • Hold Canadian passports

  • Hold some jobs that need a high-level security clearance

Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

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